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I think this is my favorite thing


I think this is my favorite thing

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Can I just say something really quick? Of course. x

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A Matter of Trust (Part 7/??)


A/N: Uh. I got nothin’. Enjoy! :) xx

Rae woke Saturday morning with a colossal ache in her head and a heaviness in her stomach. Wait, no. Not in her stomach, on her stomach.

What is that? Oh my god. That’s not my arm!!

Her eyes flashed open and she immediately regretted this decision as the sun coming through the window sent an extreme wave of nausea over her already insulted tummy.

Hold on. This isn’t my room.

She ever so carefully turned her face to the left to take in a breathtaking, sound asleep Finn.

What the actual fuck! How did I? When did I? Oh, shit. We didn’t…

Rae carefully picked up Finn’s navy blue comforter to make sure she was still wearing clothes.


It didn’t take long for Rae to remember the events that went on the night before.

I tried to leave. Finn wouldn’t let me. Told me to sleep in his bed. With him. He really opened up to me. He cried. He cuddled me in his sleep. And I think my ovaries exploded at some point…

Rae cautiously tried to get out from underneath Finn’s arm without waking him but to no avail. The last time she tried to wriggle away from him, he cuddled closer and she started to wonder why she was trying to so hard to get away in the first place. She turned from her back to her side to get a better look at him.

God damn. This man hit the fuckin’ jackpot in the looks department. He is so beautiful, inside and out, with one of those faces that was just made to be looked at and a heart that was meant for nothin’ but to give and receive love.

Rae watched him sleep for what felt like hours but knew it was probably only 10 minutes. She felt his chest rise and fall next to hers and watched his eyes twitch slightly as he watched the movie of his dreams. She watched as his luscious lips curled in a small smile at what he was imagining.

What I wouldn’t give to feel those lips on mine.

She went to move the fringe on his forehead out of his eyes when he suddenly inhaled deeply and stuttered awake. Rae quickly pretended like she was just waking up herself.

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Too emotionally involved. My bestest is a superstar! 

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